Gordon Stout models

Extremely limited availability

5 octave Gordon Stout all wood black polished frame

5 octave Gordon Stout travel frame model

5 octave on the black polished frame:  $21,730

5 octave on the travel frame:  $19,610

4.3 octave on the black polished frame:  $16,960

4.3 octave on the travel frame:  $14,310


Travel Frame differences:

  • Frame pieces are made out of African Mahogany for a lighter weight and are stained by a chemical process, not painted, making scratch removal an easy process 

  • All fixtures stay connected to their pieces for a fast take down and set up

  • Frame ends are metal and height adjustable




Black polished frame specifics:

  • Graded Honduras rosewood bars with a black, semigloss finish.  **Bars do not have to be painted black if the customer prefers to not paint the rosewood

  •  Solid Beech wood frame ends, headplates and bar rails that have a polished piano finish, taking 6+ weeks to complete

  • Frame ends are set to almost any height making them not height adjustable

  • Full range of tunable stops that are made with an aluminum and PVC combo

  • Brass resonators

  • "Buzz free" soft cord

  • Lockable heavy duty casters

  • Completely rattle free

  • Smooth rounded edges on all wood parts

  • Length:

    • 5 octave:  102"....  4.3 octave:  81"

  • Height:  34"-40" (can go higher with bigger casters)

  • Width:

    • Low end:  46" on the 5 oct. & 38" on the 4.3 oct.

    • High end:  20"

  • Mallet spacing from low C-C:  24-3/4"