Audio Samples


Headphones are highly recommended to get the full experience.  Differences cannot be heard through built-in speakers.

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These are also available on each model's individual page


All instruments were recorded in McBeth Hall at Ouachita Baptist University by Lansky Sound LLC. using these exact specifications:

  • Microphones used: Mojave Audio MA-101 matched pair
  • Technique: 48" above keys, ORTF (17cm spacing, 110º separation)
  • Preamp/Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 18i20
  • DAW: Logic Pro 9, 48kHz sample rate
  • Post Processing Applied: Waves Linear Phase EQ (Low-cut @ 32Hz & -1.0dB @ 517Hz) & Waves Z-Noise. NO COMPRESSION OR ARTIFICIAL REVERB.

All samples were recorded on the same frame and tube set.  The different bar sets were simply exchanged to try and get as true a comparison as possible.  The SEP was recorded first and then progressed through to the Artist bar set.  To hear the full arrangement of Shenandoah please go to the Artist page.

("Beads of Glass" was written by Gordon Stout, © 2004 Marimba Productions Inc.  Used with Permission.  Performing rights organization ASCAP)