M1 - 3 Octave Marimba

For more pictures of the 3 Octave, please click on the Photo Gallery tab and then the 3 octave marimba

M1 3 octave cash price:

     $900 + shipping

M1 3 octave (rosewood) cash price:

     $1,150 + shipping

need to rent?  please contact a local dealer near you or we can put you in contact with one


We are looking to get these kits to music stores nationwide for students to own/rent instead of the toy bell kits everyone has been using for decades. Please have your local music store contact us at 870-403-0019 so they can learn how they can become a DeMorrow dealer.  If you are having trouble contacting a dealer, please contact us and we will help you.


  • 3 octaves (middle C is the lowest note)
  • Full size Padauk keys
  • Steel, powder coated frame
  • Adjustable height frame
  • Same DeMorrow quality
  • Honduras Rosewood bars are available for a higher price