Practice Marimbas

5 octave:  $3,545 - shipping included

4.3 octave:  $3,215 - shipping incuded

Please note that the Practice marimba is due in full once invoiced


The bar set on this instrument is chosen specifically to NOT be put over tubes.  The bars in this format will give the player a sense of ring-time and connection so musical playing can still come through.  Because it does not have tubes, the dynamic range is much lower than that of an instrument with tubes.  It does, however, highlight ALL of the things we try to do as players such as balance between hands, balance of chords, direction of musical line, control of striking area, and rate of speed of the mallet off of the bar.  As with all DeMorrow marimbas, the evenness from bar to bar is paramount. 


audio clips!

If you click on the red circle it will allow you to stay on this page to listen.  If you click on the wording it will open a new Soundcloud page.


  • GRADED Rosewood bars

  • "Buzz Free" soft cotton bar cord

  • Solid oak end boards and bar rails

  • Smooth, height adjustable frame (crank style)

  • NO RESONATORS (can NOT be added later)

  • GREAT for dorm room or apartment

  • Lockable, heavy duty casters

  • Completely rattle free

  • Steel, powder coated frame

  • Bevelled edges on all wood parts


  • 5 octave:  102"
  • 4.3 octave:  81"

Height: 34"-40" (can be customized to go higher)


  • Low end:  46" (5 oct.) & 38" (4.3 oct.)
  • High end:  20"

Mallet spacing from low C-C: 24-3/4"